The Wild Rose Sisterhood is a community of women called to honor and nurture the maturing, independent spirit of girls and young women.
We are sisters sharing in a circle of wisdom honoring the women who came before us, each other, and the young women that are the future. We support the cultivation of self-love, self-empowerment, self-care, confidence, compassion, and sisterhood.
Imagine what a generation of young women could accomplish armed with the knowledge that everything they need is already inside of them. 
The Wild Rose Sisterhood manifests this intention by creating inclusive experiences that blend holistic practices + leadership development. Sisters engage in a curriculum created by women from all different backgrounds that includes mindfulness practices, yoga + movement, self-care + healing techniques, social justice + activism, connection to our cyclical nature + each other through ritual, art, music, and natural healing modalities. We hold sister circles, summer camps, workshops, weekend retreats, performances, and events. 
The bond of Sisterhood carries an immeasurable strength. A strength of women who are not afraid to be vulnerable together, who celebrate one another. The Wild Rose Sisterhood is a space that fosters that strength in budding women. 
The Wild Rose honors the rise of the divine feminine. 

 "Love is like a rose, and roses are not made within days. Years are needed for full development, and each bloom has a slow unfolding."