Harper Kitchens

Art Director

To come together through expression, vulnerability, passion and growth is a rare gift. It is a gift we are reclaiming, together in strength, sensitivity and sacredness. We are foraging a new path with ancient roots, to form a tribe, a community, and to feel empowered by our vision and voice - that is what Wild Rose Sisterhood strives toward. This is a community creating space for genuine opening, not only opening to one another and the outside world, but opening to the tender warrior within. In awareness of ourselves, others and nature, together we can bloom into the best version of ourselves. Harper honors the inner pilgrimage, welcomes the creative spirit and listens to the wilderness of the heart. Realizing her power to create and her intuitive connection to her surroundings opened her up to herself during the time of tender transition from childhood to womanhood. As a woman, she cultivates a practice of expression, exploration and empowerment through art, yoga, dance and story telling. Mother to her daughter, mother to her visions, sister to women of the world, Harper celebrates the sacred and with deep gratitude - births visions of peace.