Jean Edrada

Wild Rose Sister  

As the eldest of four girls, Jean has always valued the importance of sisterhood. She has learned to balance the accountability of leadership with compassionate listening and the cultivation of healthy boundaries. 

When Jean began practicing yoga in 2010, she found a sense of belonging and self-acceptance she had never felt growing up. Today, she is a dedicated yoga practitioner who believes that the true essence of yoga is to be embodied mind-body-spirit. She shares the practice humbly with students from all walks of life. 

Jean has worked with youth in many capacities for 5 years and currently teaches yoga to kids, school staff and parent communities all throughout Chicago. Through these experiences, she realized her love of working with young women. At w weekly Tween's Creative Yoga class at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago, she leads a wonderful group of girls ages 9-13 through yoga, meditation, and creative expression. Jean strives to cultivate a supportive community that fosters the expression and growth of each individual through this remarkably transitional time of life. 

As a Wild Rose Sister, Jean’s biggest hope is that young women, particularly young women of color, can find self-acceptance and self-love in their mind-body-spirit, to authentically and courageously express themselves