Lauren Kruz

Wild Rose Co-Creator 

Lauren is passionate about empowering young women to develop a deep connection to their authentic self as well as the natural world around them. She believes that creating space for women and girls to feel supported in sisterhood is essential to nurturing positive growth for the individual and communities at large. 

As a sensitive teenager, yoga was the perfect outlet for Lauren to feel supported, connected, and alive in her community. In high school, she took a yoga class on a whim and connected strongly with the skill set she learned on the mat as a way to navigate the real life challenges of her awkward teen years. She later studied yoga for children + teens with Shakta Kaur Khalsa who is internationally known as the Mother of Children's Yoga. Lauren has since brought yoga programs into many schools and organizations teaching yoga and mindfulness to youth around the country. She also works with Mindful Practices as a Social and Emotional Learning Coach in Chicago Public Schools. 

Lauren is a weaver of spirit and community and student of the heart path. Her heart has been a guiding force in creating space for communities to gather, learn, and grow using art, music, natural healing and ceremonial work. She is an artist and curator of performances and gatherings drawing upon themes based on the natural cycles of the Earth.

Lauren’s inspiration for creating a kinder, braver world comes from her roots that run deep in the soil of Detroit, Michigan. Growing up, she and her loved ones were deeply affected by the economic collapse that ultimately led her hometown to bankruptcy. This left her with an incredible sense of social responsibility and desire to bring the nurturing qualities of the divine feminine back into mainstream culture.