Marisa Halperin

Wild Rose Sister

As women we are often told that what makes us whole exists outside of ourselves. Marisa first began exploring yoga and meditation in 2012 as a way to look inward. She moved to Chicago in September of 2013 where she teaches yoga and mindfulness in public and charter schools. In April of 2014, Marisa trained with the renowned yogini Krishna Kaur for a yoga for youth teacher certificate. Through her work with children, she unearthed a deep desire to serve a community of young women. Marisa aims to help girls cultivate self-love and compassion fueled by physical wellness and self-awareness.

The bond of sisterhood carries an immeasurable strength; the strength of women who are not afraid to be vulnerable together, who celebrate one another. The Wild Rose Sisterhood is a space that fosters that strength in budding women as young as eight years old. Marisa is honored to be a link in the chain.