Alexa Layton 

Wild Rose Co-Creator 


Alexa feels deeply called to meet the need for support & encouragement of positive body image and sisterhood among young women today.  She revels in the opportunities to facilitate safe space and acceptance for young ladies to shine unapologetically bright in their authentic expressions of self.   

As a co-creator of Wild Rose, Alexa is often working behind the scenes to ensure all of the Wild Rose events and offerings including the 2016 Midwest Camp (see our camp tab) will be a magical experience. She loves playing with natural ingredients to curate handcrafted wellness products and she's eager to teach these skills to her young Wild Rose Sisters. 

Alexa is lucky to have not one, but TWO half-sisters who are young maidens themselves.  It has been such a beautiful blessing to grow up as an angsty teenage only child longing for sisterhood and to now work alongside her teenaged sisters and support and nurture this sacred time as they become women

Since 2011, she's offered weekly yoga & mindfulness classes to both children and adult audiences in Chicago. Earlier this year she received her Reiki level 1 attunement and will be level 2 attuned in July, when she will also receive Akashic Records training.  Alexa will be reconnecting with the Great Mother this autumn as she embarks on a roadtrip to the West and enrolls in Master Herbalist training.   

Alexa is a highly sensitive being, and feels so much love for the people in her life and the sentient beings of this planet.  She is a Taurus, and feels most at home among the flora of the earth & the trees.  You could easily find her playing in Humboldt Park or at the dog beach on Lake Michigan with her sweet rescued pitbull mix Olivia, traveling the world with her partner Dylon, or laughing with her amazing, supportive tribe of sisters.